Local Stocking Stuffers: Gifts For A Cook

Foodies love to eat, but occasionally they like to flash their cooking skills as well. So for the second part of our Local Stocking Stuffers series we hit up the cookware experts Eggshells Kitchen Co. to find the best stocking stuffers for a cook.

Cutting Gadgets (above):

Shown – Veggie Peelers (Julienne & Serrated), Ceramic Knife, Compact Knife Sharpener, Garlic Chopper
Most great things start with a little prep work. There are a number of cutting related tools that make great stocking stuffers. The ceramic knife comes in handy in a number of occasions when you just need a quick chop. A good garlic chopper makes quick work of garlic and occasionally saves a finger or two.

Cooking Accessories

Shown – Arkansas Cookie Cutters, Charles Viancin Silicon Lid, Dish Scrubbers, Spaghetti Measure
These make great, inexpensive stocking stuffers. There are a wide assortment of cookie cutters for Arkansas state shapes, Razorbacks, or any thing else you can imagine. The Charles Viancin lids are very neat, they create a strong suction on any smooth surface (glasses, containers) which is good if you are like most people and end up with a bunch of left over containers and no lids.

Sweets and Drinks

Shown – Aspen Mulling Spice, Holy Mole Toffee, Chocolate Sauce, Candy Coal
Sometimes the chef needs a break while cooking. Aspen mulling spice is a favorite around our house, throw a couple of spoonfulls in a cup of hot apple juice along with a splash (or 4) of rum. You can likely think of more than one cook in your life who deserves a lump of coal, even if it is candy.

Grilling Accessories

Shown – Grill Light, Grill Bands
Just because it is cold does not mean a cook will stop grilling. They will however be grilling in the dark thanks to the shorter days. After holding an iPhone light for a friend while he checks meat on the smoker, trust me the heat resistant magnetic grill light is a good idea.

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