Lost Recipes: Gwen Jones Shares her Misguided Crawfish Cheese Dip

Editor’s Note: It is always hard when a favorite food from a beloved place is gone. It doesn’t matter if it is from closure, a change in the kitchen, or just being taken off the menu, it always feels like a little part of us is gone. So we are working to bring back some of the favorites that are no longer available.
This week Gwen Jones reached out to share her crawfish cheese dip that had a great following. Many of her other recipes can be found around town, including her grandmother’s sweet potato biscuits which are made by Megan Kessler (who originally modified the recipe into the form that everyone loves) at Pizza D’s.
The crawfish cheese dip is likely off the menu for good, so why not make it at home? This recipe makes a large batch but can be easily modified for a smaller gathering

Easy Melt Cheese – 5 pounds
Green Chiles – 1 Can (28oz)
Heavy Cream – 1.5 quarts
Fresh Tomatoes, diced – 2 1/2
Fresh Jalapenos, diced – 2
Crawfish, rinsed – 2 pounds
Chopped pickled jalapenos – 5oz
Pickled jalapeno juice – 5oz
Ground toasted cumin – 2 tsp
Old Bay seasoning – 2 tsp

Cube cheese. Use 3rd pan and liner. Put cream and cumin in pan and stir. Add cheese, chiles, fresh and pickled jalapenos, and juice.
Melt over double boiler, stirring occasionally and being careful not to scorch.
Add crawfish, tomatoes, and 2tsp of Old bay.
Serve immediately or hold in crockpot, stirring occasionally.

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