Low Ivy Catering is Rolling out of Little Rock

When Low Ivy Catering first rolled out their food truck in early 2019, we knew it had the capability of moving the Little Rock truck scene forward. Since then they have expanded and inspired other trucks to start up, all while racking up about every food truck award in the area.

Almost three years to the date of their first set at the Rail Yard, Low Ivy will bid adieu to the current Little Rock food truck scene that they were so instrumental in revitalizing.

Owner Amanda Ivy and her husband Kyle are on their way to Charleston West Virginia after Kyle, who is in the Air Force, received new orders. They plan to run the truck until a final set on December 16th at the Rail Yard before packing up and beginning the moving process.

“Being a military family we always knew it was a possibility,” Amanda Ivy tells us. “We love Little Rock and it is absolutely home to us. We would get a little nervous every time we thought it was a chance he would get moved to a new base.”

The Ivys plan to eventually take the truck with them to West Virginia and start setting up there in the spring, once Amanda has a chance to get settled and explore the local food scene.

Despite moving, Amanda says Little Rock has become home and they are hoping to return again in either 3 or 6 years when their time in West Virginia is over.

“When we moved here I never expected to fall in love with Little Rock the way we did and enjoy the local food scene to the extent that we have,” Amanda contines. “There are some really amazing thing going on here and I can’t wait until we can become a part of it again. I am going to keep up with what is happening and come back to visit every chance I get. I also can’t wait to see what my sous chef Sammy Rudd is able to do next in the local industry, she is such an amazing talent for Little Rock.”

Low Ivy’s last food truck set will be at the Rail Yard on December 16th, you can keep up with any other times they are set up between now and then on their facebook page. They also have a wine pairing dinner this Thursday at Rusty Tractor, which will be their last plated dinner event before moving. Tickets are still available for that.

From a personal perspective at Rock City Eats, we have loved Amanda and Kyle and everything they brought with Low Ivy. We have had a number of events, dinners, and just a general friendship with both of them and are sad to see them leave. Thankfully it is not forever, in fact we may even have a little something special up our sleeve in a few months.

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