LuLu's Latin Rotisserie Announces Closing

After a little more than 2 years of being open, LuLu’s Latin Rotisserie is closing down their Bowman Curve location according to an announcement this morning.
The location opened in September in 2015 and kicked off a small wave of Latin food across the city. Shortly after LuLu’s La Terraza opened followed by Buenos Aires last year. It was the first real movement in this type of cuisine since Bossa Nova opened many years ago.
According to the Facebook post, the restaurant will close after service on November 12th

The space had some success early on. Constant hours of operation changes and rumors of trying to find a different location over the past year however pointed to some struggles.
It would be easy to point to the location as a problem here. The general Bowman curve area has been a revolving door since The Faded Rose closed their West location in the area. No local restaurant has managed to succeed long there, with Fonda likely being the longest lasting.
We had some good experiences at LuLu’s, especially during the period where Rick Rogers was working with owner Heinz Kurt. We were aware of some overall consistency problems however.
I always found Heinz a pleasure to visit with. Closing a restaurant is hard, but keeping one open for 2 years is even harder. I hate to see any local spot go, but I have a feeling Heinz will do well in whatever is next.

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