Meet "Cinnalightful", Little Rock's Newest Cinnamon Roll Supplier

There are few things in this world as soul satisfying as a warm, gooey cinnamon roll fresh from the oven. But surprisingly, good cinnamon rolls are relatively difficult to come by in these parts. One new business aims to change that…rolling out a new line of sweet rolls and sticky buns to entice the tongues of Little Rock eaters. Meet Cinnalightful.
Cinnalightful is owned and operated by Matcha Norwood, who began selling her cinnamon rolls to the public about two months ago. Norwood began her business only selling dinner rolls, but after handing out a few samples of her cinnamon rolls, her customers demanded more and it seemed like everyone was falling in love with her sweet rolls. And so Cinnalightful was born.

Cinnalightful specializes in a number of cinnamon roll options. Norwood says one of her most popular orders has been her assortment of “mini rolls”. She sells them in packs of 6 or 16 and they come in a variety of flavors. There’s the classic cream cheese topping, but she gets a bit more creative with options like caramel pecan, s’mores (with chocolate, graham cracker, and toasted marshmallow), Dutch apple pie, bananas foster, and German chocolate. She’s even offering chocolate dipped cinnamon rolls…which is something I’ve never seen before. And you can have them dipped in either white or dark chocolate.
Aside from the minis, there’s also the more traditional jumbo rolls, which also come in the same flavor varieties. Lastly, for the full breakfast experience, you can order the “Deluxe Breakfast” which, in addition to mini cinnamon rolls, comes with honey sweet rolls with cinnamon honey butter and British ham and cheese scones with salted butter.

Cinnalightful is a delivery-based service at the moment, and will deliver your order to homes, businesses, or any convenient meeting place within Little Rock. She requests at least a one day notice on all orders.
But starting the first week of April, you’ll be able to buy Cinnalightful cinnamon buns in mini packs at Drug Emporium on Rodney Parham Rd. She’ll be making deliveries every morning at 8:30 am (except Sunday). So get there early if you want to get them at peak freshness.
For more info, you can check out Cinnalighful on Facebook or at their website.

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