Meteor Cafe Adds Beer and Wine

The Meteor Cafe has settled in nicely to the Midtown landscape. Sitting right on the border of Hillcrest and Stiff Station, it is quite possibly the most convenient coffee shop around for a large part of Little Rock in the mornings. They are now ready to add beer and wine as an option to keep folks around in the afternoon and nights.
To start they are going to run three taps with a rotating selection of national craft beers. They hope to change this up frequently and keep some cans and bottles on hand from different breweries as well.
The change should help too. The few times I’ve slipped in after 5 p.m. the space is empty. Although they are in no danger of competing with nearby bars like Pizza D’s, with their bike centric crowd they should encourage some people looking for something a little more post-ride centric than a cup of coffee.
Up first on the beer rotation is a Bell’s Brewing Amber Ale, Wiseacre Pilsner, and a Lagunitas IPA. Owner Chris St. Peter says he plans to bring in some local craft beers soon, as well as some favorite crafts from the Chicago area where he is from. It is a little different than a lot of the other coffee shop beer offerings around town. Most rely on native beer permits, which are easy to obtain, but limit spots to only locally produced products. While I certainly would love to see the addition of more local beers, the variety should keep Meteor fresh.
Along with the beer they are adding a simple, but well rounded wine list. Currently they have bottles of pinot noir, tempranillo, chardonnay, and a sparkling rosé. This will rotate as well, but not quite as frequently.
They are also kicking things off with happy hour specials on Thursday and Friday from 4pm-7pm. They will feature $5 off all bottles of wine and $4 pints.

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