Mexican Drunk Beans—Food Share Friday

Hey, just because it’s the summertime doesn’t mean you have to abandon one of the best kitchen appliances of all-time … the crock pot. Sure, we generally utilize this culinary gem during the cooler months of the year, but it can certainly serve a purpose throughout the year–like, for example when you decide to make a mess of pinto beans as a side dish for a fajita cookout.
I started with this Mexican Drunk Beans recipe, adapted it a bit, and ended up quite pleased with the finished product.
First, you’ll notice that the instructions don’t call for a crock pot. No worries, just chop the onions and serrano chilies and place in the slow cooker. Add the other ingredients and set to Low for 8 hours. It’s really that easy and allows you to focus on other dishes for the cookout.
And while I’m sure the original recipe is fantastic, here are some alternative suggestions to change this up:

  • add one bottle of beer, not two
  • forgo the bacon and sausage (creates a healthier, less fattening dish)
  • possibly opt not to add the (1) can of diced tomatoes (the recipe did overdo it just a tad with the tomatoes, so you may want to cut back on them just a bit)

The long, slow cooking process yields deliciously tender and slightly spicy pinto beans that can either be eaten as a soup or drained and placed alongside some rice and fajitas.

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