Most Popular Food Guides of 2015

Lists posts are some of our favorite ways to showcase restaurants and debate who is best at what. We put considerable thought into each and every item on the list. Sure, there may be some disagreement, but that is what makes it fun.
Like yesterday with our top news stories, we went back over 2015 to pull the most popular lists from this year based on total reads. Surprise, you folks like junk food way more than you are willing to admit. Here are your top 10 most popular food lists of 2015
The Little Rock Food Bucket List – Top 20 foods around the city to try before you die (or move out of town).
40 Best Patios – Our annual list of best patios around the city grew quite a bit in 2015. Best news is that you can still try these at Christmas time because it is basically spring outside.
Greatest Gut Bombs – Want to push yourself to the food limit, or just add an extra spare tire for the new year? This is your list. No weak eaters allowed.
Definitive Donut Ranking – If there is anyone who can claim to be a donut expert it is our own Dan Walker. After extensive research (ie eating coma inducing amounts of donuts) he came up with the ultimate ranking around Central Arkansas.
Staff Picks: Best Burgers – Our staff picks have been a great way to see the eating habits of the different contributors. The burger picks ruled them all. Not surprising since you all also love gut bombs.
Top Happy Hours – We all like to drink, why not do it a little cheaper? The top happy hours became an excellent guide to drinking in LR.
Eat This Street: Kavanaugh – Kavanaugh is unquestionably the greatest food street in all of Little Rock. Here is a guide to eating on Kavanaugh.
Fantastic Fries – You love burgers and gut bombs, naturally you are going to show french fries some love to accompany it. Here is your list of best fries in the city.
Guide to Dishes under $10 – Cheap eats are plentiful in Little Rock, but not all are worth the price. Here is a guide to the best eats in the city under $10
Guide to Dining Late – Little Rock is still one of those cities that closes up shop after dark with late night eats few and far between. Here is your guide to the best of what is out there after 10 p.m.
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