Natchez Introduces New Spring Menu, Includes Pork Belly Poutine

Natchez’s new Spring Menu kicks off tomorrow and we’ve got your first look!
“We are looking forward to spring! Our early spring menu begins this week and will feature our first set of daily specials that consists of some of my favorite dishes we have done previously. Soup, dessert, and fish, along with additional specials will continue to be posted on our chalkboard menu,” says chef/owner Alexis Jones.
Some of the new lunch items include a meatball sandwich with Provolone, arugula onions, peppers, and tomato, as well as the Hot-Brown, a sandwich with turkey, bacon, and horseradish meuniere. Diners can also expect to see a crispy prosciutto porridge and braised chicken risotto.
And the new dinner items are just as exciting. How does Sea Island Red Pea Hummus sound? There’s also a grouper pate, which might be the first of its kind in Little Rock. Well, at least I’ve never seen it before on any menu. And I’m guessing the pork belly poutine with fontina, duck gravy, and crispy shallots will go over well with diners. Other new items include the shrimp and Andouille purloo, rabbit tortellini, and brisket rillettes.
Check out the complete new Spring Lunch and Dinner Menus here:
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