New Cheesecake Truck Coming to Little Rock

If one new food truck is not enough for you, how about a truck serving up amazing cheesecake based desserts?
That is exactly what The New Cheesecake Company hopes to bring to Little Rock early next year with a mobile addition to their wholesale cheesecake sales.
The New Cheesecake Company began selling in the new Whole Foods in Little Rock earlier this year when it opened with packaged single serving cheesecakes. Sales so far have been great, but owner Mary Jo Sikkema would love to bring more creative cheesecake based desserts to the market.
“With our wholesale ventures we are limited to just a few products that have a longer shelf life,” Sikkema says. “There is so much more we can do like cheesecake filled cookie rolls, cream puffs, and fried cheesecake that go beyond just our retail cheesecake rounds.”
Sikkema tells us that she is planning on a number of novelties for the truck as well as a way for customers to mix and match cheesecakes and different sauces for custom flavor combinations.
She hopes to finalize everything during the typical down period for trucks over the winter and hopefully start rolling out in the spring. To help get the food truck going, New Cheesecake Company is offering a Kickstarter campaign for those willing to support the truck project.
You do not have to wait that long however. We are bringing in New Cheesecake Company to our Trucksgiving event on November 14th in Bryant. You can also order directly from New Cheesecake’s website.

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