Numbers Game: Restaurant Names Trending Toward Digits

What’s in a name? Apparently, if you’re starting a restaurant … a number. Having a number included in at least part of the name is both a growing trend throughout the country and right here in Little Rock. Look around, many of the new establishments are opting for digits, and while the restaurant’s name can be driven by the actual address, this isn’t always the case.
Here are several places, old and new, that come to mind:
Lost Forty Brewing (501 Byrd Street): Yellow Rocket’s latest venture gets its name from a 40-acre forest in Calhoun Country. The name is a smart choice; it has ties to literally local roots and is not only quite catchy, but also classic.
109 & Co. (109 Main Street): As you can see, this one is all about the street address and even includes the ever popular “& Co.” for good measure. But if you’ve actually been inside 109 & Co. and experienced its cool, mellow speakeasy vibe, I think you’ll agree that the name definitely works.
One Eleven at the Capital (111 Markham Street): I’m not the biggest fan of the name, but it’s certainly not terrible. I liked the old Ashley’s name better, but I understand the whole re-branding thing and trying to come up with a hipper, yet classy alternative.
1620 Savoy (1620 Market Street): Here’s another address reference. I haven’t been to 1620 Savoy in several months, but after seeing Becca B.’s latest post, I’m looking forward to checking out the restaurant once again.
Table 28 (1501 Merrill Drive): The “28” represents the actual 28th table in the restaurant which is used a as a charity table. Diners reserve the table, the chef cooks special meal, and a certain dollar amount goes to charity. It’s a delightful concept and one that I hope is utilized more often than not.
Three Sams BBQ (10508 Mann Road): I’d be lying if I told you where the “Three” comes from, but if you know, please let me know. I’ve actually never been to Three Sams BBQ, but I hear they serve quite a few tasty gut bombs, along with a to-die-for peanut butter pie, which ironically, would literally kill my wife if she ever tried it.
Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co. (215 Center Street): The name is long, but everyone now just shortens it to “Three Fold,” which definitely works. Everything at the eatery is in threes, like the entrees, meat selections, sauces, and condiments, so the name is spot on.
Forty Two (1200 President Clinton Avenue): Well, it sure as hell beats calling the place Bill Clinton Restaurant. All kidding aside, as it pertains to the numbers game, this is actually my favorite name in town. Classic and strong—Forty Two not only sounds good but is also a wonderful tribute to our 42nd president.
Other notable number names: Trio’s (ok…might be stretching it with this one), Super 7 Grocery, Brewster’s 2 Café, Cinco de Mayo.

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