Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. in Bentonville

Just off Walton Boulevard in Bentonville is Northwest Arkansas’ newest spot for breakfast. Just opened this summer, Ozark Mountain Bagel Company serves made from scratch, water boiled bagels, along with Onyx coffee and a variety of cream cheese spreads.
Located in the new Macadoodle’s Plaza, Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. is owned and operated by Bill and Sheila Ford, along with their youngest child, Tyler. The couple previously owned a similar establishment in Stillwater, Oklahoma, but they fell in love with the beautiful scenery of Northwest Arkansas and decide it was right for their next phase in life.
Bill makes it clear, however, that his business not so much bagels, but rather people.
Bill describes a game he likes to play with his staff. On their first day of work, he asks them to guess what is going on in a given customer’s life – clearly an impossible task for all but Sherlock Holmes. When they are unable to guess, he says, “Exactly. You never know what is going on in a customer’s life. That’s why we are going to show love to them as best we can when we come in.”
That’s why OMBC’s motto is “spreading joy and cream cheese in Northwest Arkansas.” The establishment is pleasant, well-lit, and easy to get in and out of. With friendly wait staff and spacious seating, it is a great spot for family without having to face a long line or a waiting list. It is also a great option for retirees meeting for breakfast, or a student who wants to camp out to study for an upcoming exam.
You get the idea from Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. that the restaurant is not trying to be too hip. Bill and Sheila are sincere and authentic. The patrons visit in the hopes of finding a comforting, filling breakfast that is not too trendy.  Bill’s favorite thing on the menu is the sausage breakfast bagel, or a toasted French toast bagel with honey almond cream cheese.
Long term, Bill is looking to establish some satellite locations in the surrounding towns so that they can deliver bagels to the other parts of Northwest Arkansas without sacrificing freshness. For now, Bill and Sheila Ford are looking to continue to spread joy, one bagel at a time.

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