Petit & Keet Fall Cocktails Blend Approachability with Sophistication

From opening day Petit & Keet has maintained one of the best bar programs in the state, backed by a group of all-star bartenders led by Alan Napier. They have done a great job of understanding their audience while bringing consistently good drinks.
The new fall cocktail menu is yet another example of this. It is a very approachable menu for the casual drinker while still incorporating several spirits and liqueurs that will win over serious cocktail drinkers.
The most prime example of this is in the Un-Fernet-able. It uses Brokers Gin and strawberry puree, then adds a bar community favorite, Fernet Branca, to the mix. For those unfamiliar with Fernet it is a bitter herbal liqueur known for its strong and distinct flavor. It is certainly a bit of an acquired taste, but this cocktail serves as the perfect introduction to Fernet, adding just enough to flavor the drink but not enough to overpower.
Another bar community favorite will be the Drunkard’s Prayer. This uses the hard to find Angel’s Envy bourbon as a base along with Plantation Pineapple rum, Giffard Apricot liqueur, and Bonal Gentiane Quina. It is a whiskey forward cocktail that drinks far easier than most heavier cocktails. Again very approachable while still maintaining quality ingredients and a well-rounded flavor.

The Dragon Fire was the one that stole my heart in the new menu. It uses El Dorado rum as a base mixed with dragon fruit and jalapeno syrup. The dragon fruit is a nice addition and gives a very unique flavor that few bars use in cocktails. The jalapeno syrup was far more subtle than I expected, it gives a nice finish at the end without being overly spicy.
The bar team has added a shrub cocktail several times, they continue that with the “Don’t Want No Shrub”. This is a blueberry-tyme shrub base with Koch Mezcal as the base. The blueberry and tyme flavors come on well and honestly, it drinks a little too smooth. You will quickly find yourself ordering another.
There are several other strong cocktails on the menu. The Rebuttal is a well-played take on a traditional Last Word cocktail that is worth trying if you are a fan of the original. They are also returning the Pecan Pie Old Fashion in a slightly updated form as well as the Basil Lemondrop Martini.
If you are not a cocktail drinker Petit & Keet has an excellent lineup of local and regional craft beers, some hard to find on tap, as well as one of the best wine programs in the city that is curated by Susie Long. On the wine program, they do wine flights every Wednesday featuring a premium selection of wines at a great price.

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