Pie Month at the Pizzeria is a Food Holiday Worth Celebrating

There is a dizzying amount of food holidays around. It seems like every time we turn around it is National Taco Day (Oct 4th), National Cheese Pizza Day (Sept 5th), National Deep Fried Clams Day (Nov 1st), or National Grape Popsicle Day (May 27th). It seriously seems like it is starting to get out of hand. Which is why this February you need to forget about Peppermint Patty Day (Feb 11th) and Stuffed Mushroom Day (Feb 4th) and focus all your attention on what really matters. National Pie Month.
There are always several good celebrations of this month every year, but The Pizzeria tends to do it better than most, thankfully they timed their renovation perfect so that the pie month celebration didn’t miss a beat.
Owners Jacquilyn and Jeremy Pittman are no stranger to pies, they have operated a pie business alongside their catering business long before they ever started making pizza pies.
“I love getting to make pies,” Jeremy Pittman says.”We have a lot of good recipes from over the years, and we are still developing new ones constantly. Pie month is always fun because we get a chance to share a big variety of pies and bring back some old favorites.”
The pizzeria will have a different pie every day in February, except Mondays when they are closed, 24 in all. Each are available by the slice, or pick a pie you like ahead of time and they will make a full pie. Even with the large number of pies, there are some consistencies. Every Tuesday is a classic from their pie shop days, Every Wednesday is a favorite of the Pittman’s daughter, Thursdays are always gluten free, and Sundays are classic pies. (full schedule below)

While all the pies are good, there are some real gems throughout the menu worth checking out. The key lime is one of the better key lime pies I’ve had around, very classic recipe that fans of the type should enjoy. The French Apple is huge and loaded with apples in a way that all apple pies should be, then topped with ice cream. The bourbon brown butter pecan has a nice touch of bourbon flavor at the end, I personally love sweets cooked with booze so this one is one of my favorites. Finally the Coconut Cream is worth checking out, it is a very clean and light coconut flavor thanks to using coconut milk exclusively as the cream base. True, people use to over processed artificial flavors in their coconut pies may find it different than they expect, but I appreciate that this is a very light simplistic pie.
The full schedule for pie month is below. Head over to the Pizzeria on your favorite pie day(s), which is a great excuse to check out the new location. Plus they just added a shuffleboard table, so you can burn off a few of those calories you will pick up.
Week 1:
Wed 1 – Cherry Pie
Th 2 – White Chocolate Mousse
Fri 3 – Choconut
Sat 4 – Chocolate Cream
Sun 5 – French Apple
Week 2:
Tues 7 – German Chocolate
Wed 8 – Fluffernutter
Th 9 – Orange mascarpone mousse
Fri 10 – Campfire s’mores
Sat 11 – Black bottom coconut
Sun 12 – Key lime
Week 3:
Tues 14 – Dark chocolate raspberry
Wed 15 – Bananas foster cream pie
Th 16 – Hawaiian pie
Fri 17 – Triple chocolate cream
Sat 18 – Caramel cream
Sun 19 – Bourbon brown butter pecan
Week 4:
Tues 21 – Raspberry lemon mousse
Wed 22 – Grasshopper
Th 23 – Turtle
Fri 24 – Neapolitan
Sat 25 – Rhubarb
Sun 26 – Coconut cream
Tues 28 – Peanut butter fudge
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