Pie Month Returns to the Pizzeria

February is always one of our favorite times of the year because it means it is time for the annual pie month over at the Pizzeria in the Heights and there is a little something for everyone.
Pizzeria owner Jacquelyn Pittman operated Palette Catering for years before opening the Pizzeria. In that time the catering company gained a huge reputation for their pies. When they decided to open the Pizzeria she decided to pay homage to the original type of pies that made them famous once a year with their pie month.
The Pizzeria offers up a different pie every day for the entire month of February (schedule below). This year they are open for 28 of the 29 available days in February, however, they are doing double pie days on Fridays so there are 32 different pies throughout the month. You can order a full pie ahead of time, grab a slice each day, or get a pie flight with multiple slices to try. Once the pie of the day runs out it is gone for the rest of the month.
Along with the double pie days on Fridays, Mondays will always be some meringue-based pie. Some favorites from years past include the French Apple (Feb 5th), Tiramisu (Feb 13th), German Chocolate (Feb 16th), Fluffer Nutter (Feb 19th), and the Coconut Cream (Feb 24th).
If you want a whole pie to go (and I highly recommend it) give them a day or two notice to make an additional one up for you. After the month is up some of these pies go back into the vault to never see the light of day until next year, some will stay around and rotate as a dessert offering throughout the year, and some may never grace the Pizzeria again. So if you see something that looks good, better check it out now before it is too late.
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