Pizza D's Maybe, Possibly Closing; But Probably Not

Mark this one up to “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Word out yesterday is that longtime Stifft’s Station dive Pizza D’s is closing their doors.
I was hesitant to even pass on word about Pizza D’s (officially Pizza D’Action, but no one calls it that), we have seen this before. A couple of years ago they shut the doors, posted a sign out front that the place was closing immediately due to awful management. We posted the story about the closing only to immediately receive¬†a message back from the manager who apparently posted the note and was referring to himself. They were open the next day.
Earlier this year we get word that they are changing their name to Corner Bar and Grill and focusing on making burgers. That lasted about a day and they were back to the good ole D’s before the hangover wore off.
The D is the divey-ist of dive bars. More cars have driven through that building than the Chick-fil-a drive thru. It is apparently around 40 years old but we can’t find anyone who actually remembers life before Pizza D’s, making us believe it has been around much longer. I also have yet to meet anyone who has had a pizza from Pizza D’s, making me believe they only serve cheap beer and bad decisions.
It is a Little Rock cultural icon. It can’t go away, the spirits of Little Rock will not let it. Even if it did close people would show up every night until the wee hours of the morning and never miss a beat.
So maybe the D’s is closing, or is at least going to try. But the universe will likely not allow Pizza D’s to go anywhere. Here is to 40 more years at the D.

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