Moving on Up: The Pizzeria at Terry's to Move this Spring

It has only been only a year in October, but the Pizzeria at Terry’s Finer Foods has settled into the Heights nicely, anchoring the eastern end of the district. Now they are on the move to a new location, but don’t worry, it is not far.
The pizzeria has remained committed to the Heights since their days as a food truck at Westover Hills, so it should come as no surprise that the new spot is only about 450 ft down the road at 4910 Kavanaugh. This corner of Cantrell spot offers about 3,700 sq ft of space for the pizzeria to use and should provide better visibility along with a much improved parking situation.
“The move is 100% about finding a space that is bigger that can handle growth,” owner Jacquelyn Pittman tells us. “We love the relationship we have with Terry’s, but with the current space we are size limited. Now, even though we do not plan to utilize it all, we have room to grow.”
Pittman says they will utilize about 1,400 sq ft of the new space to begin with, leaving the rest for some much needed office space and a possible group dining room at some point in the future. Pittman says a patio is also in the works, something they have discussed a number of times in the current location. Beyond that little will change in terms of the look and feel of the space.
“We really want to keep the cozy vibe that we have currently the same,” Pittman adds. “Expect a very similar styling, and feel. We do not even plan to add many more seats, we want to keep the space small enough that our oven can turn out pizzas quickly with no sacrifice in quality. We will probably just add a tiny bit more room to breath.”
Pittman did not rule out the possibility of adding a second oven and increasing seating, but says that is not a priority right now. They do hope the space will allow for a few additional menu items that were not possible before with the size constraints.
The pizzeria will remain open in the current location at Terry’s Finer Foods until March, when they will close down to complete the move. This will involve moving the oven and other components that are required for operation. Since the space was not a restaurant previously (last tenant was a gym) there may be some additional time for inspections needed. No word on a target reopen date.
As for the name, which obviously will not remain Pizzeria at Terry’s, Pittman says she is leaning toward either just “The Pizzeria” or “Heights Pizzeria”. Personally, I sort of like the “Heights Pizzeria”, not that I have a vote, but it brings a bit of neighborhood pride to one of the best spots in the neighborhood.

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