Preview: Donuts and Deli is Ready to Bring Gourmet Donuts, Breakfast, and Deli Sandwiches to Main Street

We talk a lot about South Main around here, for good reason. However, if you head north a bit, the 300 Block of Main is quickly becoming one of the best blocks of restaurants in the state. The soon to open Donuts and Deli should strengthen that case.
The restaurant was developed by Kishan Patel and Christopher Busick. Patel has spent years in the local hospitality scene and also owns Hotel Frederica was inspired to create the idea from his love of donuts. Busick, who serves as executive chef and was in charge of developing the menu, certainly knows his way around the city’s breakfast and diner scene, so it should be a perfect marriage of passion and talent.
As you can imagine, donuts are going to be the star in the little shotgun storefront tucked between Bruno’s and Soul Fish Cafe. They hope to have a wide variety of gourmet donuts on hand each day, as well as your staples like simple glazed and donut holes.
Donuts are just the start of the breakfast offerings. Expect an assortment of pastries such as croissants, muffins, kolaches, and cronuts, along with breakfast sandwiches, omelets, and skillet hash with queso and grits.
On the lunch side of life, they will have a strong assortment of deli sandwiches, salads, and a limited run of burgers daily.
For the burgers, they will do 25 only daily, with specialty burgers occasionally on the menu. The big thing here is you have the option to order the burger on a bun, or on a donut for those of you trying to watch your figure (grow that is).
Inside the setup is limited, only a dozen or so seats scatter the area that once was Bruno’s Deli. They do offer a walk-up ordering window for folks walking to and from their offices downtown. Additionally, they plan on having a strong catering and office ordering presence with online ordering available through their website.
The major theme of the space will be dedicated to first responders, with photos and equipment adorning the walls. They hope to additionally have work in opportunities throughout the year to support local first responders through at the restaurant.
Donuts and Deli is all ready to go after passing inspections this week. They have a few private soft launches planned for next week before the doors are open to the public. They are looking at two weeks from Saturday for the official hard opening of the location. Once open the hours will be Tues-Friday 7-4; Saturday 7-2.
We will keep you informed as the opening nears, as well as a look at some of the official menu items.
Donuts and Deli
308 Main Street

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