Rebel Kettle and Mother's Brewing Team up for Hipster Banana Release Tomorrow

This came in late last night after our Monday beer roundup, the long anticipated release of the Rebel Kettle and Mother’s Brewing collaboration beer is set for tomorrow at Flying Saucer.
The beer is called Hipster Banana, and is a New England style IPA brewed kettle soured with paw paw fruit. If you are unfamiliar with paw paw, it is a native fruit that is similar to early bananas before mass cultivation and genetic modifications changed them. The flavor is a cross between a mango and a banana.
“IPA has become hipster, paw paws are usually only found around farmer’s markets so it is most certainly hipster. We thought hipster banana was the perfect name for the beer,” brewer Josh Davis says.
The resulting beer has almost a grapefruit finish to it, and is very hazy. The hop level is low for an IPA making it very drinkable, with a very slight tartness from the fruit.
This is the first big collaboration for Mother’s Brewing. The conversation began several years ago while Rebel Kettle was still home brewing. Talks increased over the past year thanks to Rebel Kettle and Mother’s sharing a distributor in the market, Arkansas Craft.
The beer concept took around 6 months to develop, and they had to wait on an adequate supply of paw paws, which are very seasonal. Brewing was done at the Mother’s facility in Springfield.
The beer will be released in Little Rock on Wednesday, November 29th around 5pm, at Flying Saucer and it will appear on tap at Rebel Kettle shortly after. Bottles will be available later this week, we are still waiting on a final list of stores carrying bottles but it will be at Colonial Liquor and Lake liquor for certain.
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