Rebel Kettle Brewing Co. Delves Into Canning

Pop open a canned cold one and tell me your mouth doesn’t water. There’s just something about the sound that takes that long anticipated, first sip to the next level.
We’ve watched as local breweries have rolled out their offerings in cans – making it easier to take that enjoyable brew with you wherever you go. And while it’s not hot-off-the-press, word on the street is that Rebel Kettle Brewing Co. is finally joining in the fun.
As per usual, though, they’re doing things a little differently.
The plan to can wasn’t concrete until the team stumbled upon a compact canning line from a Denver-based company called Twin Monkeys. The system is small enough to roll around the brewery – which works well with Rebel Kettle’s fast-paced program.
In terms of the canned offerings, however, you’re not as likely to find year-round favorites like the Working Glass Hero or Easy Roller. Instead, think things that are more seasonal and fun.

“We thought it would be cool to can one-off beers,” says Assistant Brewer Josh Davis, “Small batch, unique beers for Arkansas. We pride ourselves on not being scared to be the first to try something in the state.”
Saturday Rebel Kettle launched their first cans, which sport the familiar, beer-raising skeleton ‘Johnny Two-Pints,’ along with the beer in them – Headbanger’s Ball. The Double IPA comes in at 8%, and was originally made for local beer-guru Scott Parton’s birthday last year, making it even more meaningful to be the first to debut in a can.
“It’s a super hazy, unfiltered, heavily hopped double IPA,” says Davis. “This is an important beer to us because hopefully a lot of people in the state that haven’t had our beer will get a chance to enjoy it.”
And while canning will inevitably open the door for Rebel Kettle to reach more beer lovers, Davis says the team plans to keep it small and weird. “It’s never been our plan to flood the state,” he says, “but we decided this would be a good first beer to show what we can do to Arkansas at large, other than just Little Rock.”
Headbanger’s Ball is available on draft and in four-packs for $13.99 in the tap room only. Only forty cases were canned, so there is a limit to four four-packs per person and no growler fills will be available.
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