Rebel Kettle Launches Sunday Brunch

There was a point a couple of years ago that a good Sunday brunch in Little Rock was very hard to find. When the brunch wave finally did hit Little Rock it was like a tsunami, with dozens of brunch menus popping up all over town. Now to stand out with Sunday brunch a restaurant has to offer something unique, which is exactly where Rebel Kettle’s new brunch menu comes in.
Rebel Kettle has been toying with the idea of brunch for some time now. During that time they have worked on building the menu, refining recipes, and doing quiet trial runs in the taproom. The result is a brunch menu that reflects Rebel’s identity in Cajun food, and it stands out from a lot of other brunch menus across the city.
It helps that Gwen Jones, who set up under Beast Food Truck for a long time, is running the kitchen and developing the menu. Jones has a strong talent in meat preparation and Cajun cooking. So much so that the menu starts with a warning that it is neither gluten-free or vegetarian.
To start on the menu you will find a non-paleo version of her Beast breakfast tacos, the same ones that made her truck famous at Hillcrest Farmer’s Market. You also get the standard biscuits, eggs, and bacon (K.I.S.S.) that come from the food truck.

For the strong Cajun and southern influences you find the grits creole which has cheese grits and andouille tomato sauce, spicy chicken and waffles, and a dish (greens & eggs; yams & ham) that brings a good mix of southern style meats and greens together. One of the most interesting dishes however is the seemingly simple sausage and eggs. Jones replaces the traditional sausage patties with boudin patties that end up working very well in the otherwise traditional breakfast dish, and give a good Cajun touch.
On down the line you will find a breakfast burger that includes a fried egg and is served with pork rinds. Breakfast sliders that are served three ways with bacon, chorizo, and chicken. Finally a spring salad sits on the menu for those who didn’t read the warning. Drink wise you can get a beer-mosa, regular mimosas, and a shandy in addition to their normal beer lineup.
The brunch will run from 10-3 every Sunday beginning this week with Mother’s day. After 3 the kitchen will switch to a slightly more simplified version of their dinner menu and allows for things like the brunch burger to continue until supplies run out.
In all it should be a good change of pace brunch menu that adds to the overall Sunday brunch dynamic of the town. Plus, I always appreciate anywhere to grab good breakfast tacos.
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