Rekindled: Sticky Fingerz

In the hustle of running a food publication and small marketing agency I do not always have time to connect with certain food I loved long before Rock City Eats, or a dish I like and never get back to. A lot of time my personal dining is dictated by restaurant openings, looking at new menus, profiling chefs, and a ton of events. This new series is about purposely reconnecting with food loves lost at some point over my 30 years of being in Little Rock. It is not always fancy, not always photo worthy, but I love the dish. Even if only out of nostalgia.
I found Stickyz Chicken Shack (then called Sticky Fingerz) back in the early days of the River Market. I remember driving up here in high school because I found I could slip into the basement level of Flying Saucer, play pool, and I wouldn’t get carded for beer. I really hope the statute of limitations is out on that honest moment. Afterward I would frequently run over to Stickyz and grab some food.
I fell in love with it again working downtown several years later, after college. A group of us would go in at least once a week for lunch.
There is a lot to love about it. I am certainly no chicken strip guru, I can’t think of a single time I have gone into a non-chicken strip specialty place and ordered it in the past 15 years, but these are great.
It starts with hand cut chicken breast, a well seasoned breading that has a great flavor by itself, and properly fried to have a solid crispness without being overcooked.
You can get your fingers original, or with a handful of flavors. I personally just go with them original, or with the occasional voodoo when I am wanting something spicy. I like a nice base flavor because the house made sauces that go with it are always great. The creamy dill has to be the most popular, it is far better than a normal ranch dip, but in that same realm. Some other favorites are the bleu cheese, lemon oregano, spicy ketchup, and voodoo.
Make it even better by stopping in for lunch for a fingers and fry special. It is seriously cheap, coming in under $10 for 4-5 large chicken strips, fries, and a drink.
Outside of the fingers they have several other solid dishes, especially with the sandwiches and a few really good burgers. They are also considering adding a vegetarian version of the fingers with cauliflower as the base.
Slip out to Stickyz sometime. It is worth the trip. Even better catch a concert there, it is one of the best small concert venues in the state. They are open every day for lunch and dinner starting at 11, and going until at least midnight every night on the corner of Clinton and River Market Ave.

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