Rock City Eats Named People's Choice Winner in Historic Arkansas Museum Nog Off

The Historic Arkansas Museum held their “11th ever” Nog Off this past Friday night featuring hundreds of guests sampling seven different egg nogs including our own entry into the competition that was a collaboration with chef Ken Dempsey and Rock Town Distillery.
The noggers competed for three categories, a People’s Choice award voted on by guests, a “Not Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s Eggnog” for most creative/inventive, and a judges award from a panel of three judges including Capi Peck (Trio’s), Scott McGehee (Yellow Rocket Concepts) and Marcella Dalla Rosa.
For the Rock City Eats Egg Nog we used Ken’s Nog recipe along with Rock Town Distillery’s Bourbon on our way to a People’s Choice award. Here are the full list of winners:

People’s Choice Eggnog:
Rock City Eggnog: Rock City Eats (Ken Dempsey, Greg Henderson, and Rock Town Distillery)
Not Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s Eggnog
Highland Island Beer Nog: Paul Karwick and Keith Reed (Heritage Grille) & Theron Cash and Ian Beard (Stone’s Throw Brewing)
Tasters’ Choice
Egg Xtra Nog: John Selig and Leah Elenzweig

We would love to thank everyone that came out and voted for us. It is always amazing to see so many people support a local event. Historic Arkansas does great work for the city and they did a great job setting up the event and managing the space.
Also the other competitors made up some great nog. We did not get a chance to get around and taste it all, but the ones we did were exceptional.
Stone’s Throw Brewing’s collaboration with Heritage Grille on a beer nog was a very interesting take using beer instead of a spirit and coconut milk. For those of you like me who enjoy something unique, this is it for you. The nog is available throughout the Christmas season at Heritage Grille located in the Little Rock Marriott.
One Eleven at Capital Hotel has made an art out of nog over the past few years. Their recipe is perfected after hundreds of gallons and is some of the most refined nog around. It is available all year by the bottle at the hotel.
Loblolly Creamery always finds a way to inject amazing flavors into ice cream and it blows my mind. Their ice cream nog was no exception. A little on the sweet side, but do yourself a favor and drop a scoop into a glass of bourbon and you will do just fine. Available during the season from the Green Corner Store.
Other participants in the Nog Off include Cache Restaurant, Bill Worthen, John Selig and Leah Elenzweig.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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