Rock City Market Launches

Today we are launching our newest endeavor, Rock City Market. With the Market it is my goal to provide a way to reach local makers, artists, and more all in one spot.
This is very much a soft launch period, we brought on a select group of vendors who have previous e-commerce experience to help us through the initial phases of launching a marketplace. Today you will find locally produced spices, art, jewelry, even a special tea blend made exclusively for Rock City by Abbi’s Tea’s and Things. At launch, we have around 65 products across.
Over the course of the next few weeks we will add even more vendors with more products. We are working with several local restaurants to offer take and bake items and unique products from their kitchen. We hope to add local farmer’s market items for pickup around town. We are also working with a couple of local stores that carry items from multiple vendors to help them ship their products. We will add a number of locally roasted coffee brands as well so you can stay fully caffeinated.
Going forward we hope to bring in vendors from around the state, starting with NWA, and increase access to some great local products we have found in our travels. We additionally hope to expand to more and more categories of items beyond what we offer to start.
Our goal is to partner with as many locally owned businesses as possible to help them reach customers in new ways and find additional revenue sources, which is more important than ever right now. We will begin our phase 2 of vendors soon. If you are interested in signing up and selling, please let us know. 
As a customer, you can expect verified Arkansas based vendors and know that each time you buy here you are helping a local small business or maker find success in uncertain times. We will be providing carefully curated shopping lists, experiences, and unique vendor pairings that we personally put together.
Finally, Rock City Market is our way forward too and it helps support Rock City Eats and helps us further support local restaurants and artists. Over the past 8 years we have committed to providing support for local restaurants in the most meaningful ways possible at the lowest possible cost to them. This is the next evolution to that commitment by helping them directly make money while taking as little as possible in return. We are committed to providing the best rate of return possible for our vendors while providing the best products for our readers and customers.
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