Rock City Review: Lunching At the Corner, Appetizers at Cheers, and a Ribeye at The Rose

Chatting about recent ventures into Rock City’s food scene.
I’ve eaten at At the Corner before, but I have yet to sit down on a regular day and enjoy a routine lunch. On my recent visit, I was impressed with the service I received as well as the attention to detail bursting from the menu to the décor. I chose to go with the special of the day – a hot ham and pimento cheese sandwich with a tandoori carrot soup. The pairing was exquisite, as the faintly sweet soup tempered the full flavor of the ham. I am not a soup person, and the Arkansas heat outside had me apprehensive but I’m glad I tried it. The pimento cheese was a simple, yet delicious affair combining cheese, olive, and boiled egg; a combo I am not used to running into. I can’t wait to watch At the Corner grow, I know I’ll keep coming back for more. Next go-round, I’ll most likely opt for a hot-dog – made with meat from Butcher & Public.
I grew up eating at Cheers in the Heights, and for that reason, I don’t often venture to the restaurant as it was our family go-to for at least 10 years and I don’t remember being overly impressed, although I’ve never had a bad experience there. I went last week and was blown away by an appetizer – the crawfish beignets. The savory, breaded orbs were chock full of flavor and were freshly crisp and the perfect temperature when they graced my table.
I made a trek to another staple restaurant I’ve neglected in more recent years, The Faded Rose. Part of the recent I don’t normally chose The Rose on a night out is that the place has a tendency to be extremely loud, but that’s what you get when you frequent a popular Rock City food destination. I don’t typically order a ribeye when I eat out, let alone at The Faded Rose where I am more apt to enjoy the muffaletta after indulging in the stuffed mushrooms appetizer, but I did this time. I was so glad I did, as the steak was cooked perfectly to order, medium rare, slightly seasoned but with the taste of a great cut of meat shining through.
I am a brunch fanatic. I think B-Side in West Little Rock is often ignored due to its inevitable long wait, but their food does not disappoint, and I truly feel they put out quality food, every time. Take their mimosas, featuring freshly squeezed orange juice. Seriously, take one in hand next time you go in. By this point I’ve tried most of the menu, but a few weekends ago I tried their waffles for the first time. The result was a treat sweet enough to eat without syrup, yet not overbearing. The fresh strawberries and powdered sugar pulled the whole thing together, and I can tell you, I’ve zero complaints with that.
I love sushi, and while Little Rock doesn’t necessarily keep up its sushi game, I keep Hanaroo Sushi Bar on my radar. The price is right, and more often than not, you’ll get a decent, if not excellent, sushi roll. Just don’t expect five-star service, as the last few times I’ve been in it’s been hit or miss.
If Mondays are getting you down, check out Lost Forty’s Fresh Cut Mondays. This gives the brewery a chance to share new projects with the public, like the recent Bourbon Barrel-Aged Love Honey Bock. If you like bourbon, and you like beer … imagine the two artfully intertwined, and voila. I have yet to try a brew that I’ve disliked from Lost Forty … but good luck finding a seat.

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