Rock City Review: Nachos at HTT, Frontier Diner Delights, As Does Cheers in the Heights

I waited a few weeks for the crowds to die down at Heights Taco & Tamale Co. and for the restaurant to work out the kinks, but things seems to be humming along just fine, as you might expect for any new edition from Yellow Rocket Concepts. Two visits, including a late evening chocolate cake indulgence and an early afternoon lunch pop-in, were met with favorable results. Service was good both times and the atmosphere was fun and festive, albeit somewhat loud during my evening visit. For lunch, I had the smoky bean nacho skillet, a beautifully presented plate of tortilla chips covered with beans, then dosed with cheddar and Jack cheese. Small scoops of sour cream and guacamole resided in the middle along with a slice of tomato and two slivers of pickled jalapenos. This proved to be perfect bar noshing food, and although I’d characterize the dish as good, not great, it certainly was tasty enough to inspire a future order. That said, these nachos would be better served with a smokier bean flavor, less cheese, and a ton more jalapenos (which I loved).
My patty melt with grilled onions at Frontier Diner was exactly what I wanted on a rainy day—simple, no frills comfort food done right. Kudos!
Is it fair to classify Cheers in the Heights as an underrated restaurant? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the case, my shrimp salad with creamy bell pepper dressing hit the spot during an afternoon lunch on the patio. When it comes to salads, I always look for how the veggies are chopped, whether they are fresh and, in the case of the lettuce, crisp, and how all the different flavors blend together. This salad is a winner.
Unfortunately, Cajun’s Wharf shrimp salad proved to be a dud. The shrimp were tossed in an uninspiring chipotle remoulade and rested on an over-ripe avocado half, black spots included. I’m certainly not passing final judgment on a place based on a salad, but this was my first time at Cajun’s and nothing about my meal inspired a return visit anytime soon.
Have you ever eaten lunch at Mylo Coffee Co.? Up until a few weeks ago, I had only focused on morning coffee and breakfast pastries, but that may soon change after a delicious falafel pita. I’m always on the prowl for lighter, yet tasty lunchtime options and this falafel certainly fits the bill.
South on Main does catfish right. No shocker there. But as I continue to work my way through the menu, I tend overlook the dish. Sometimes, however, pan roasted catfish with mustard vinaigrette, cole slaw and sweet potato fries is just too tempting to pass up. The catfish itself is no slouch, but the real highlight of the dish is that creamy, slightly watery cole slaw and the unbelievable tang it provides to the entire plate as it seeps into the other components.
I finally tried the pan fried dumplings at Three Fold, and although I enjoyed them immensely, I still favor the restaurant’s steamed variety. Just a personal preference.
Consider this a public awareness announcement: The food coming out of Boulevard Bistro & Bar is some of the best in Little Rock. Go there, order anything, come back on this post, and tell me otherwise. I’m that confident you will love the food. Three words: baked pimento cheese.  Other dishes that are winners include the bouillabaisse (seafood stew), grilled Falling Sky Farm chicken sandwich, and the pappardelle Bolognese.

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