Rock Town Adds Tuesday Cocktail Classes to the Mix

Since moving to South Main earlier this year, Rock Town Distillery has done a great job of creating an atmosphere that locals can enjoy with their new bar program and extended hours.
Now they are ready to take it one step further by offering cocktail classes every Tuesday night starting at 6:30. The cocktail focus will change monthly, with this month focusing on two bourbon-based cocktails. Given how popular cooking classes have become, the cocktail class seems like a perfect fit for Little Rock’s only distillery.
This month bar manager Rob Armstrong teaches how to make a classic Old Fashioned and South Main fan favorite Sebastian Yingling will teach participants how to prepare a Mint Julep.
“It is a great opportunity for us to go beyond just sliding a cocktail across the bar at someone who comes in,” Armstrong says. “It gives us the chance to visit, talk about the history of the cocktail, and over time, build up people’s knowledge about how to make a cocktail and the craft that goes into it.”
The two will teach the techniques required to execute the cocktail perfectly and how to garnish it properly. Then people get to take a hands-on approach to make their own version and try it out. The class also comes with a tour of the distillery in between making cocktails.
Each class is limited seating, only 12 seats available, and includes the two cocktails plus the tour for $30. You can buy your tickets in advance to ensure a seat. Rock Town will provide everything needed to create the cocktail, just show up and be on your way to becoming a great home bartender.
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