Rock Town Distillery is Moving to South Main

SOMA keeps getting better. Rock Town Distillery, the state’s largest distillery, has announced a move to South Main according to the Democrat-Gazette today.
The new space will be at 1201 Main St, which is the large warehouse building across from Electric Ghost and Community Bakery. The space is over 25,000 sq ft and contains a better shipping dock that is better access controlled. The space will add around 10,000 sq ft more than their original location on 6th street.
Rock Town has toyed with the idea of moving a few times, even announcing a move a few blocks away from their current location to East Capitol ave last year.
We have heard a lot of the reason is needed additional space plus the rising cost of leases in the East Village district.
Huge renovations going on along 6th and Shall, where Rock Town current is located, is causing the area is seeing an uptick in prices. The new restaurant Cathead Diner by chef Donnie Ferneau and Kelli Marks was just announced directly across the street on Shall yesterday.
The new space is going to be especially interesting, considering Core Brewing is finishing up a new Public House across the street from where Rock Town is planning to go. Core is also exploring adding some brewing or distilling operations inside their SOMA space.
Several other breweries have expressed interest in South Main. Add that to bars like South on Main and Raduno, a continual march further south on main by restaurants and bars on the other side of 630, and a huge increase in housing in the general area. South Main is shaping up for a very large growth period.

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