Rock Town Pours Out Increasingly Amazing, and Surprisingly Underrated Whiskey

In 2010 Rock Town Distillery launch the first legal distillery in the state since prohibition to a lot of fanfare and hype. Fast forward five years later and they are churning out some world-class whiskey that goes seriously underrated in town. It is perplexing, but their latest whiskey barrels deserve attention.
Part of the issue comes from some early batches of gin and vodka from that first year. As with any distilling or brewing product, it takes a while to find just the right balance. Believe me, you probably do not want to taste the first batch of your favorite brew. Unfortunately the hype combined with early batches caused a lot of people around town to move on.
This really is a shame because, while yes the vodka and gin have been refined and are very good now, the whiskey really shines at Rock Town. Most locals gave up before the first batch was ever aged. Rock Town began to really hit a stride with the 3-year bourbon and has never slowed down since.
What the locals missed however, the rest of the world embraced. Their whiskeys have won numerous awards and barrels frequently sells out almost instantly every time it is offered in the UK. Try to find it in a Little Rock bar however and you are going to strike out more than the Cubs in the NLCS.
If you are going to hop on the bandwagon though, now might be the perfect time. The newly released Single Barrel Bourbon and the Rye Whiskey are some of the best the distillery has to offer. The single barrel bourbon is every bit as good as their award-winning 3 year, but coming from a single source you really experience a unique and defined flavor.
The rye whiskey can hold its own against any major market rye out there. Rye Whiskey comes with a bigger, bolder, and much spicier flavor that is completely distinct from Bourbon. Rock Town’s is aged 18 months in a smaller, 15 gallon barrel and really is great sipping whiskey
Do yourself a favor and get to know Rock Town again, hit up one of their tasting tours and grab a bottle on your way out the door.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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