Rumbles: Atlas Bar Nearly Open, kBird is Back Monday, New Food Truck Spot

Atlas Bar in SoMa seems to be going through what every bar and restaurant that opens in Central Arkansas has to deal with: waiting for permits to be processed. Atlas Bar was supposed to have its grand opening yesterday, but at least one of its permits isn’t ready at this time. Whether that’s the health department or beverage commission or fire marshal is unclear. When it does finally get its doors open, Atlas Bar will feature a classic cocktail bar feel with a kitchen organized by Little Rock legend Denis Seyer. We stopped in a couple of weeks ago for a First Look at Atlas Bar; we were really impressed with the atmosphere and the pedigree of the staff. Keep your eyes on Atlas Bar’s Facebook page to see when the red tape is finally eliminated.
If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for this coming Monday for more than a month. That’s the day that kBird in the Hillcrest neighborhood finally reopens its doors. For those who don’t know, kBird is an authentic Thai restaurant with food as good as you will find anywhere in this city. Every year, chef and owner Richard Glasgow shuts the restaurant down for a month so he can go to Thailand and explore. Backpacking, travel, plenty of picture-taking and a ton of good eating are all on the itinerary. kBird is due to be open for lunch and dinner again on Monday, though you should certainly check the restaurant’s Facebook page for confirmation before heading that way.
There’s a bit of an informal food truck park forming in downtown Little Rock near the state Capitol. For years now, Grills on Wheels has permanently set up at 1222 W Capitol Ave. at Frances Flower Shop, selling traditional taco truck fare. But recently, they’ve been joined by a couple of newcomers. Adobo To Go already has a pretty good following after more than a year in business. The Filipino-themed truck brings its lumpia, adobo and gyozas to the site Tuesday through Thursday. The pair have been joined by Tren Al Sur, a Venezuelan food truck specializing in empanadas, arepas and other South American classics. The three trucks combine to represent a wide range of culinary styles and flavors. They are only around for lunch, which is perfect for the downtown crowd looking for something different and affordable. Be warned: bad weather can close the trucks, so check their Facebook pages in advance if it looks like raining.
Believe it or not, it’s not too late to make Valentine’s Day plans at some area restaurants. Sure, most places are already booked for tomorrow night’s dinner service, but there are a few still offering seatings. At last check, a table could still be had at South on Main, Petit and Keet and at Cathead’s Diner, which is open for dinner that evening. Now the prime seating times are likely gone, but it doesn’t hurt to call and ask if you can get a reservation. And if you’d rather just drop in, At the Corner is holding a special night brunch event. Bottom line: don’t give up yet. Though you should definitely call right now if you still haven’t made your plans.
There are very few restaurants that consistently put out quality food like Maddie’s Place. We stopped by to check out some new menu items that put a New Orleans perspective on food from around the country.
It is a busy week in Central Arkansas’ beer scene. Check out our Growlers feature for a rundown of some very special releases that only come once a year.

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