Rumbles: Historic Arkansas Nog-Off, Deluca's Holiday Closing, Damgoode Expands Delivery

Finally (finally!) cold weather has arrived in Little Rock, just in time for this weekend’s 13th Ever Nog-Off at the Historic Arkansas Museum. This is always the holiday season’s most festive food event. This year, nine teams will compete for the People’s Choice; Taster’s Choice; and the untraditional Not Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather’s Eggnog Award. Rock City Eats and Ken Dempsey have once again joined to compete in the Nog-Off; other squads include The Capital Hotel, South on Main, Trio’s and some other very talented competitors. Best of all, the Nog-Off is free to the public. The event is held during Second Friday Art Night, which features galleries from Arkansas artists. The event kicks off at 5 p.m. and comes to a close around 8 p.m.
Every year, I put this in Rumbles just to make sure none of you head to Hot Springs for pizza without calling ahead. Deluca’s Napoletano Pizzeria will close for the Christmas holiday on December 16 and remained closed until December 28. Owner Anthony Valinoti always shuts down for a couple of weeks to allow his staff time to visit family and loved ones. So make sure to get your pizza fix in the next week or so, or you’ll be waiting until after Christmas.
Speaking of pizza, Damgoode Pies is making it easier for Little Rock to avoid crappy national chain pizza. Damgoode is now delivering to the SoMa neighborhood and the homes and businesses around Shackleford Crossing. Damgoode has posted the map on its Facebook page; make sure to check it out for the exact area. Damgoode Pies now covers most of downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock, and all the way west to Taylor Loop. It doesn’t cover very much south of I-630, but the company’s post says it is working on expanding to more areas as soon as it can.
H.B.’s Bar B.Q. has posted an update on the health of its owner Bruce Slaughter. Slaughter has been battling cancer for years and had a part of his lung removed recently. While that procedure went well, a tumor in his neck has more than doubled in size over the last three months. The tumor is too close to an artery to operate on, so the family is exploring other options. In the meantime, Slaughter wants H.B.’s to be open as usual; however, make sure to call ahead in case the family needs to visit the doctor on short notice. The Slaughter family thanks its customers for its ongoing support and prayers while they manage this tough time.
2017 saw its share of transitions, including some restaurants that sadly didn’t make it. This week, we’re taking a look back at the businesses that closed their doors for good this year.
And of course, 2018 will see new businesses open their doors in Little Rock. We preview Delta Biscuit Company’s upcoming spring open and how the business plans on making its food truck into an all-day breakfast eatery.

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