Rumbles: New Details on H.A.M., The Shack Close to Opening, Graffiti's Date Night

Last week we broke the news that Hillcrest Artisan Meats has returned at District Fare. At the time, we didn’t know much more than Brandon Brown was back and had put five of his famous sandwiches on the menu. We’ve since learned that H.A.M. will continue to expand its presence on the menu. Brown tells me that The Pantry provisions and the District Fare sandwiches won’t be available much longer. In the meantime, Brown has begun restoring the meat counter to the way it was when Hillcrest Artisan Meats was still open. Hanger steak is back in the case, and Brown’s popular Oak Town Spicy, Sweet Italian, and Toulouse sausages are also back. It looks like the move is to mostly restore Hillcrest Artisan Meats’ legacy at the District Fare location; now it just remains to be seen if the restaurant’s name stays the same. Hillcrest Artisan Meats closed at the beginning of 2017 after enjoying a wildly popular run. Brown returned after District Fare was sold to developer Daniel Bryant last week.
After what seems like half a decade of rumors and speculation, it appears The Shack is indeed close to making its return. The restaurant now appears on the Uber Eats app and website as an option for Little Rock orders. Of course, the restaurant appears as “closed,” but the fact it’s there at all shows how close opening day really is. Tim Chappell, owner of downtown pizza joint Gusano’s, is awaiting some final approvals before he can open The Shack, which will operate alongside Gusano’s. The Shack opened in the 1930’s and survived more than 50 years before closing in 1988. Several businesses came directly from The Shack’s lineage, including H.B.’s in Little Rock and Smoke Shack in Maumelle.
If you’re looking for one last date night out before school starts, you could hit up Graffiti’s Italian Restaurant tonight. Graffiti’s is holding the summer’s final Parents’ Night from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. Just call and make your reservation for dinner and bring the kids with you. Graffiti’s will keep them company with plenty of games and activities in the private dining room while you and your significant other enjoy dinner together. Graffiti’s will even take care of feeding the kids. The cost is just $10.50 per child, but you need to call ahead and make your reservation. The phone number is 501-224-9079.
And the growth for Tacos 4 Life just doesn’t seem to stop. Later this month, the restaurant group will open its first spot in Fort Smith on Phoenix Avenue. Then toward the end of the year, Tacos 4 Life will open its fourth Texas location, this one in Texarkana. Tacos 4 Life already has a location near Charlotte, N.C., and will soon be opening a restaurant in Jackson, Tenn. It’s hard to believe the group started just four years ago with locations in Conway and Fayetteville. Tacos 4 Life donates 22 cents from every meal sold to Feed My Starting Children, a nonprofit that supports food initiatives in 60 countries around the world.
African cuisine is coming to Little Rock. We previewed the opening of Kontiki African Restaurant in The Village Shopping Center and looked at what you can expect from the new location.
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