Rumbles: New Lost Forty Concept Gets a Name, kBird Changes Direction, Certified Pies Working on Permanent Location, The Root Rebrands

We have a name and a concept for the new Lost Forty concept. You may remember immediately after Rebel Kettle/East 6 Brewing closed for good, nearby Lost Forty Brewing snapped up the location. The name of the new spot will be Camp Taco. As you might guess it will have a tex-mex theme to the place. According to the official announcement it will feature “play, snacks, popsicles, live music, and experiences to rival your best summer camp memories – with the addition of beer and tequila.” Expect small batch exclusive beers, cocktails and margaritas, and naturally tacos. They expect to open this summer.

Last month kBird suddenly shut down and had little to say other than they were making some changes. Owner/Chef Richard Glasgow finally announced a little more about their vision for the future. Lunches are going away, replaced with vac sealed prepared kits that can be microwaved or dropped in a boiling pot of water (surely the prefered way) to heat at home at your own convenience. They will continue to do fixed dinners on Wednesday and Thursday nights, although these now need to be pre-ordered from their website. Immediately dinner will be to-go only, but outdoor dining and eventually limited indoor dining will open up in the coming months. Glasgow did mention the popular Friday khantoke dinners would return at some point in the future. No word on how/when you pick up lunch orders or when khantoke dinners would return.

Certified Pies posted that they are settling in on a permanent location. They have operated out of AR Kitchen since opening, and given their success it is no surprised that they are quickly moving on to a permanent spot. No word on where the location is exactly, only a nondescript photo of the spot was posted that could easily be any WLR strip mall. Given how eager people have been to order for delivery or pickup I imagine they would successful wherever they land.

The Root Cafe decided to celebrate their 10 year anniversary by rolling out a new logo and whole new menu. The breakfast menu is mostly the same, with just a few additions. The lunch adds several new sandwiches, while the dinner menu seems to simplify the all new options down to three meat and three veggie entrees and a list of sides to pick from to go with them.

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