Rumor: Pizza D's Reopening Next Week

We were a little skeptical about beloved Little Rock dive Pizza D’s being closed forever when we heard the news back in November. Now we are hearing multiple reports that the bar plans to reopen, possibly as early as next week.
Usually, we do not give into rumors, the news is coming from multiple angles, however, so there seems to be some level of truth. Plus it is Memorial Day weekend and everyone needs something to be happy about entering a three day weekend. We have attempted to contact the owners to confirm but have been unsuccessful.
Having Pizza D’s back in Little Rock would be great for the city and for the Stifft Station area that is showing signs of really taking off. Stone’s Throw Brewing’s taproom down the road and Meteor Coffee have both brought new life to the area, and added to the value brought by the Oyster Bar. It would be great to balance that out with another old favorite like the D’s.
We will continue to seek confirmation on the re-opening.
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