Rustic Overnight Bread: Mylo Coffee Co

Bread is one of our most frequent local farmers market buys. There are really some great choices out there, one of our favorites however has become the rustic overnight bread from Mylo Coffee Co.
To start it is one of those eye catching loafs that you spot from several booths away. The bread has a tough, but not hard exterior. Getting into the bread will require some work with a good bread knife. Once inside you get an airy, soft bread that is wonderful.
I find it great with a little melted butter spread and rosemary on a slice, in the mornings with a bit of Nutella, or even plain as a snack. Cost is great for the size of the loaf at $5. Be sure to grab a cup of their fresh roasted coffee as well.
You can find Mylo at a variety of markets throughout the city, here is the official list:
-Hillcrest Farmers Market, Saturday, 7am-noon.
-Bernice Garden Farmers Market, Sunday, 10am-2pm.
-Shoppes on Woodlawn Farmers Market, every first Thursday, 4.30pm-8pm.

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