Server Spotlight: Blake Huber from Samantha’s Tap Room

You won’t always find servers who stay dedicated to a restaurant from day one. 35-year-old Blake Huber is one of those rare loyal employees that you can find at Samantha’s Tap Room in downtown Little Rock.
Blake isn’t hard to miss with his long dreadlocks that he of course keeps pulled back while working.
He has been at Samantha’s since they opened in January of 2015. Before starting there, he worked at Level, Kemuri and Arthur’s/Ocean’s.
When Samantha’s opened, he decided to give it a chance after hearing that Chris and Samantha Tanner of Cheers in the Heights would be taking on the venture.
Blake says his managers, including Chris Tanner, Nick Lawrence, Jason Polk and Kevin Case, all have different strengths that really help bring the place together and create a laid-back work environment. He also added that he can’t pick a favorite.
“Blake’s dedication to our brand along with his knowledge of the wine and food menu makes him an asset to Samantha’s,” co-owner Kevin Case said.
Blake was born in Memphis but spent most of his life in Jonesboro. He now lives just a few blocks from the restaurant.
When he’s not working, you can find him trying to stay active every day and focusing on healthy eating. One of his passions is traveling, and he recently returned from the Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. He loves going to the beach and even scuba dives when he gets a chance.
To make the customers’ experience a good one, Blake focuses on being multi-dimensional while still being himself.
“I try to figure out what the table wants before they do. The mood won’t be the same at every table, so you kind of have to feel that out. People try to make it hard and get stressed out so easily, but really the job is what you make it.”
And it doesn’t hurt that he gets to eat the food from time to time. If he had to pick a favorite dish at Samantha’s, he said it would have to be the wood-grilled ribeye and a baked potato. But if he’s on a budget, he loves the quail and grits.
You can usually find Blake working Tuesday-Saturday from 5 p.m. until closing time.
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