Service Star: Shayla Lewis

It’s not unusual to find a smiling face behind the bar at Sauce(d), and if you have visited recently in the evenings, you have probably been greeted with Shayla Lewis’ smile.
She is welcoming, without a doubt, most of her regulars go straight to the bar, or snag a seat at a nearby table for four. It comes naturally for her to spark relationships with her guests, or friends like she describes it.
Lewis is no stranger to the service industry, she’s had her share of experiences over the last eight years or so. She started off in a couple of chain restaurants, but was quickly drawn to the local scene and worked at two locally-owned establishments prior to Sauce(d).
When it comes to comparing chains serving the same cheap meals across the country to local joints cooking from scratch, relationships make the difference. “You see a lot of the same people, because of that, you can establish relationships,” she said.
Whether it’s a glass of wine, beer, or you’re in the mood for something sweet – you can count on her to figure it out. When at Sauced, her specialty cocktail was the Honey Blossom, she describes it as a “smooth vodka, margarita.” Using honey, peach and orange infused Kettle One vodka, and lime juice – sounds delicious, I’ll have to try it next time.
At the end of her shift, she’s not bolting for the door. Instead, she’s engaging in that one last conversation with her guests, “They’re all awesome. They all know me by name, and I love it so much.” This is just one of the reasons why she always provides exceptional service, she genuinely treats her guests like family.
*Shayla Lewis recently quit Sauce(d) and we were notified shortly after this story was posted. The article was modified to reflect the change in status. (Greg)
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