Sessions At South On Main: Daniel Gold Curates March

By now, locals hail South on Main as more than a quality Southern restaurant, it’s also a hub for the music scene. Through Wednesday’s free Local Live shows put on in conjunction with the Oxford American, more and more people became aware of the beauty of the restaurant’s intimate stage.

Get ready to gear up for something new, music fans. South on Main has officially rolled out its new Series for Wednesday nights – Sessions. A local musician/music enthusiast will curate a month long show to take place every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

The series differs from Local Live in many ways, including a variable door cover and acts that aren’t necessarily Arkansas-based.

South on Main’s Amy Bell says, “Part of why we chose the later start time for this is because we have had people in the past that have come that didn’t want to listen to music and wanted to have dinner.”

Bell says the idea originated from head chef and owner Matt Bell, although he wants to share credit, as she helps get things done. She says the idea went back to the New Year’s Eve show featuring Amasa Hines. One of the members from the band, Josh, collaborated with Chef Bell on the tasting menu for that evening.

Bell says that afterward, “Matt had this great idea – What would it look like if Josh curated a month of Wednesday night shows?”

Thus, Sessions was born. The series officially kicked off in February with a month of artists chosen by local favorite, Amy Garland Angel.

Next up for March – Daniel Gold. Gold, aka DGold, is a radio personality, a podcaster, a music documentarian and former publisher of a music magazine – Honest Tunes. He’s traveled the US following music, and has always made it his priority to share good tunes with others.

“I wanted to pick a diverse series, that was important to me. Eclectic, musical diversity, ever-changing styles. Any one band in this line-up isn’t nailed down to one genre – they’re mostly multi-genre or crossover style bands,” Gold explains. Check out the schedule below and get ready to mark your calendars – there’s something for everyone.

March 2 – Melody Pond – To kick things off, Gold is bringing a Fayetteville act down to the Little Rock market. He lived in Fayetteville for a time, and feels this group will fit perfectly on South on Main’s stage. He says, “Melody Pond – it’s a new name of an artist that was formerly known as Candy Lee and the Sweets. … [the band] has a delicate, low-key style with female harmonies.”

March 9 – Bijoux – Well-known to Rock City, Bijoux has graced the South on Main stage more than a few times. Gold says, “Her nickname is the Royal Dopeness, and she’s smashing, a smashing singer that has had numerous packed houses before.” Think sultry combined with soul, and get your ears ready for a variety of styles and ultimate musical entertainment.

March 16 – Bayard Blain – Yet another Fayetteville-based artist, Bayard Blain is a member of the popular group 3 Penny Acre. This go-round he’ll be doing a solo-show. Gold says, “The set on that day is going to be a music set, but also a combination of a luthier and hand made instrument demonstration. He’ll be playing his own instruments.” Blain builds wooden stringed instruments from violins and guitars to mandolins. It’ll be laid-back folksy, Americana, and informative as well. Don’t miss it.

March 23 – Elise Davis – If you like a singer/songwriter who can make you both laugh and cry with her clever, witty breakup songs, you’ll want to catch this show. Gold says, “She lives in Nashville now but she’s from Little Rock. Davis has got a blooming singer/songwriter career, and she’s played here before.” She’s fun on stage, cheekily interacting with the audience.

March 30 – Meshugga Klezmer Band – Perhaps the only Klezmer band in Arkansas, this act will raise your spirits and make you want to dance. Gold says, “They’re style is European Jewish melodies … It’s definitely fun, part celebration as well as some more serious melodies.” If you haven’t heard them before, you’re in for a treat as the Meshugga Klezmer Band has been playing stages in Central Arkansas since 1999.

Trust me when I say, DGold has your back, or rather, your ears. Bell says, “We’ve had issues with people not really willing to take a chance on shows, and I think this is a great opportunity for an audience to feel more comfortable coming to see a band that’s from Fayetteville that they’ve never heard of because they know Daniel. They know he loves great music and they trust his opinion – this is Daniel saying you should pay five dollars for this band, it’s worth it, it’s going to be fantastic.”

It truly is. Get out to South on Main on Wednesdays to catch Daniel Gold’s Sessions. Gold says it best – “[It will be] diverse, eclectic, multi-genre, authentic, with real instruments, musicianship. People who slay, shred, throw it down, bring it. Anything that moves you, makes you dance, I like when people come together and we’re dancing, smiling, celebrating.”

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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