Signup for the Rock City Eats Ramen Noodle Food Hack

It has been a while since our resident Junkie, Daniel Walker, hosted one of his famous food hacks. Now the Hack is back, this time for everyone’s favorite college cheap eat, Ramen Noodles.
The basics of a food hack is to take a fairly common item (in this case Ramen Noodles) and create something uncommon with it. You then submit a photo of your finished dish with a description for all to see.
Since the contest is all about the creative spin and photo, not about taste, points go for originality and overall presentation. So make it unique and make it look good.
Also, we are talking about true blood American 10¢ Ramen here. The cheaper the better. None of the fancy Japanese style.
To join the contest fill out the form below by Sunday night with your name and email. You do not have to live in Little Rock to enter. We will send out an email with full contest rules once all the entries are collected. Your photo submission will be due at the end of February. We will then post the photos for all to see, the fan favorite will receive an RCE prize pack (TBD).

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