Sip After You Shop with Local Lime’s Holiday Cocktail Popup

In the midst of this holiday season, If you have shopping left to do then you should try to finish it near Local Lime! Local Lime has a holiday pop up menu that will be available through the end of the month to highlight the talents of their bar staff and warm the spirits of anyone who comes in before the new year. It is easy to overlook the talents of the Local Lime bar staff if you don’t happen to be a regular because it is easy to enjoy their excellent margaritas and superior agave spirit list. These only hide the extraordinary talent behind the bar, so before you finish this year, pick one of your favorites below and make it a point to visit Local Lime from the special pop up menu or the seasonal offerings.

Tipsy Peppermint Mocha
(Oak & Bean Coffee Liqueur, Menthe Pastille Liqueur, Cocoa, Whipped Cream)
Coming from the brain of the beverage director for Yellow Rocket as a whole, Ben Seay, the Tipsy Peppermint Mocha is a pick-me-up in a glass. The subtle mint notes and smooth body make this a drink that is very easy to enjoy. The light body may be a surprise if you expect a thick and syrupy result form a drink labeled a mocha, but this is a chocolatey, minty, fun drink that is equally at home in a 50 degree Arkansas December as an 80 degree Arkansas December! The use of the cocoa for the chocolate flavor and the Oak & Bean coffee liqueur helps keep any bitterness from coming to the front while still leaving you with a definite holiday cheer.

Resting Grinch Face
(Green Chartreuse or Genepy, Hayman Gin, Lime, Green Apple, Simple Syrup, Mint).
The Resting Grinch Face definitely shows off Paige Beaty’s talents behind the bar in more ways than one. The puckering and tart cocktail, recognizable with its distinct green hue, masterfully blends together the citrus and herbal components but moreso it has been adapted to work with Genepy just as well as Green Chartreuse in the midst of the supply chain problems everyone is facing. The immediate tart nose blends the lime and green apple but leaves room for the mint and other herbal notes to shine. It may look like a sour start to a meal, but by the time you are done, your heart will have grown two sizes too large.

Yuletide Mulled Wine
(Malbec wine, Amaretto, Apple Cider, Honey, Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon, Allspice)
Mulled wine is a seasonal classic and Local Lime was fortunate that Will Qualls shared his personal take on this warm treat with the larger public. This version takes malbec wine and infuses it with spices, honey, and a touch of orange to balance the usually tannic malbec notes. The cherry garnish hints at how rich and warming the drink is, but there is only one way to truly understand that. The spice is lively and just right to leave you bright eyed as the wine spreads warmly through your belly. The brilliant color of the drink is hard to capture in photos, so you should take this enticing and comforting drink as a personal invitation to saddle up to the Local Lime bar for one.

Miss American Pie
(Cinnamon Vodka, Maple Syrup, Orange Bitters, Apple Cider)
While Miss American Pie is on the seasonal Local Lime menu, it fits perfectly in the holidays as a big bright bight of apple pie in a glass! The first cocktail Autumn Ross has contributed to a Local Lime menu, the Miss American Pie is a sweet and flavorful addition that can serve as a happy hour tipple or an ending drink after a good meal. The heavy cinnamon nose on the drink gives way to the richness of the maple syrup providing the drinker an excuse to smile. The faintest orange notes from the orange bitters hold all of the flavors together as you finish off what may be your new favorite drink at Local Lime.

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