Sip Fall Flavors With The Pizzeria's Latest Cocktail Menu

f you haven’t made it to The Pizzeria since they’ve claimed their latest address on 4910 Kavanaugh Boulevard it’s high time you did – especially now that the fall cocktail menu is out.
Head Bar Manager Dillon Garcia has created a menu packed with the sweetness of pumpkin and cinnamon, as well as a few bitter kicks for those who crave it.
First up, check out the Bananas Foster. Like the name suggests, this drink is comparable to drinking a delectable pie. Thanks to a regular’s request for a drink to pair with the Pizzeria’s dessert of the same name, the Bananas Foster came into existence.
Garcia says, “De Nux had actually just brought in the Giffard Liqueurs and I happened to have the banana flavor on hand.” With cognac for a base, the drink is balanced with a splash of Nux Alpine Walnut Liqueur. Garcia’s not wrong when he says, “It’s pretty tasty.”
‘Tis the season for pumpkins and Garcia has delivered with his Pumpkin Spice Sangria. The sangria has actually been a seasonal special at the Pizzeria since they first opened, as he says, “This is not your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice – it’s the real deal.” Made with real pumpkin and spices, there’s also more of fall’s harvest in the drink – honey crisp apples, pears, and oranges.
Garcia says it best: “If the drink doesn’t get you where you’re going, the boozy fruit definitely will.”

If you favor apple over pumpkin, be sure to order the Caramel Apple Mule, a great take on everyone’s favorite classic. Garcia himself isn’t a big fan of mules as cocktails, but he was impressed when he happened to combine Crown Royal Green Apple with Ginger Beer and Housemade Caramel.
Think refreshing, balanced, and a hint of dessert, as Garcia says, “We make the caramel in house – it’s what we use for our desserts. When the ginger beer is added the top of the drink foams, making it even more fun to drink.”
PRO TIP: order at least two.
Don’t skip the Calvados Cosmo. Garcia says, “I had no intention of creating a Cosmopolitan when I set out to make this drink.” By the time he had combined the Le Compte Originel Calvados, Rotham & Winter Orchard Pear with Domain de Canton and Cranberry, he had one anyway. This drink packs a punch with subtle fruit notes and a nice spicy finish and is definitely worth a sip or two.

Last but not least, check out the Allspice Tonic. Another twist on a classic cocktail, Garcia mixes up the flavors with a splash of St. Elizabeth Allspice and some freshly squeezed orange juice amidst Plymouth Gin. For those wanting something slightly bitter, take note, this one is for you.
Garcia says, “It takes just a good, simple classic cocktail and adds that subtle fall punch.”
While we could describe the Pizzeria’s latest drinkables to you all day long, it’s best to get out and try them for yourselves – they’re only available for a limited time.
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