Sneak Peek: Atlas Bar Coming to South Main

South Main continues to be the major hot spot in Little Rock. Already this year it has seen Rock Town Distillery relocate and Core Brewing add a pub. Soon doors will open on new restaurant Dos Rocas, Southern Blonde hair salon, and the relocation of well-respected art gallery M2 Gallery. Now
Atlas Bar.
Atlas will set up on the corner of 13th and Main at 1224 Main. It is part neighborhood bar, part craft cocktail bar, and overall something that should fit in perfectly to the growing neighborhood around South Main.
Atlas is the brainchild of Tony Poe, whose family owns Poe Travel. The travel-rich nature of his life and career influenced the overall bar style and ideas.
“I wanted a place that was a neighborhood bar like you find in so many great cities around the globe. It is a place to come, hang out, and visit with friends,” Poe explains. “The theme of the bar will be international travel. I’ve collected many items from my father’s journeys and some of my own to add to the bar. I want it to inspire people to leave the neighborhood to travel, then return with stories of their own to share.”
We had a chance to go over the plans and blueprints with Poe, he is looking for at main bar area along the longest wall that will anchor the space with most of the seating. Along the windows, he will have booths with circular tables and seating for 5 or 6 at each, allowing for larger groups to visit. There are plans for a pool table in the back of the building and a modular stage up front that can be switched to more seating when needed. 
Poe says he wants to create a space that is comfortable, giving just enough seats to not be crowded. He does plan to have a single tv, but wants the atmosphere to encourage conversations.
Food-wise, the menu will reflect many of the themes of the restaurant.
“I wasn’t building a restaurant. We have to serve food though, and if we are going to do it then I want to do it right,” Poe says. “We are building a kitchen area in the back and hope to have a menu that includes various items from around the world.”
Atlas has no intention of being food heavy, so expect a lot of small plates and appetizers.
Construction is just beginning, so expect this toward the end of the year or first of 2019. We will keep you up to date as progress develops.

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