Snuggle Up to the Fire Pit with the new Cocktails from Petit & Keet

There is certainly no lack of quality cocktails in Little Rock these days, and fall always seems like the best time for cocktails. In a relatively short time Petit & Keet has shown they are a strong contender in the local cocktail scene, hiring an impressive group behind the bar. The latest cocktail menu from them further solidifies their place among Little Rock’s top cocktail bars.
The cocktail philosophy is simple, yet sophisticated. Bar manager Ben Franks says he wants to keep a focus on craft style cocktails without the typical wait it takes to put together the cocktails.
“I like to keep things simple so that no one has to sit around and wait too long on a cocktail,” Franks says. “I like to focus on 3 ingredient cocktails that are spirit forward while still being approachable.”
The fall menu is a good example of this. You find a lot of fall flavors thanks to things like apple cider, chai tea, allspice, and a heavy dash of bitters. The spirits make a shift toward the darker end of the spectrum as well.

My favorite out of this is the Flannel Shirt. It is a classic cocktail that has a Scotch spirit base with apple cider and in this case Averna. Scotch cocktails are starting to gain more popularity, and it is easy to see why with this one.
Also big here is the French Montana that has a cognac base and is a take on a traditional China Fight cocktail, which is similar to a Manhattan. It is a great spirit forward drink for sipping late. For another take on a classic try the pecan pie old fashioned made with pecan liqueur for a unique flavor.
For something a little on the lighter side, try the Chai Tea Apple Fizz. It takes Calvados apple brandy, a chai tea simple syrup, and a splash of prosecco. Also check out the Haylee’s Thin Mint, which taste exactly like you would expect from a cocktail named after the famous Girl Scout cookie.
While there are no hot drinks on the menu, they do keep a set of secret cocktails that includes several warm cocktails and toddy’s. It is worth getting to know your bartender on a cold night at Petit and Keet for something special and off menu.
The menu is out now. They have also recently started Whiskey Monday specials that rotate each Monday, so be sure to slip in for that when you get a chance.

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