Sō Restaurant Adapts Quickly to the Changing Environment with New Menu

One of the things we have been preaching since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak is the need for restaurants to adapt quickly and frequently to the rapidly changing situation. Sō Restaurant in Hillcrest is a great example of doing just that.
Sō prides itself on being an experience-driven restaurant. Our conversation with owner Nicholas Copeland last month highlighted the focus of the restaurant being experience and special occasion oriented. With Little Rock restaurants facing a mandatory ban on dine-in service during the outbreak, Sō had to literally change the entire business model of their restaurant overnight.
“Our food doesn’t travel well, and, let’s face it- no one wants to pay $110 for two people to reheat and overcook gourmet food at home,” Copeland says. “The best thing I can come up with is doing a completely separate to-go menu that is greatly reduced in price and will travel.”
Copeland worked through the night last night to create a brand new menu focused on lower price options that travel well, while still keeping with the spirit of the menu. The result is a menu with the majority of the price points in the $10-20 range all built around high portability.
It starts off simple with a handful of apps and soups. They add three sandwiches on for people looking for a simple dinner. Then they have entrees that are a good mix of items at a great price point including seared salmon, beef stroganoff, a “Breakfast for Dinner” featuring eggs, sausage, and grits(which sounds awesome), as well as several others.
If you want a nice meal, you can opt for a Sear it Yourself NY Strip, which is sous vide to the proper temperature, you just sear it off quickly in a skillet when you get home for the perfect flavor. It is the best version of an in-restaurant experience while having to take it home possible.
Sō is also known for its great wine program, and they are extending that to the home as well with 33% off every bottle of wine they sell. I am sure they will even help you pick a pairing if you need it.
The menu (posted below) is offered during their normal business hours. Call (501) 663-1464 to place an order.
[gview file=”https://www.rockcityeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/TO-GO-Menu.pdf”]
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