Springdale’s Core Brewing To Call Argenta Home

It’s a great time to be a beer lover in Arkansas. There are quality breweries that span the state, and with time, their number will only continue to grow. In Rock City, the scene is on the up-and-up, although there are cries for Northwest brews to call the central part of the state home.
It’s time to rejoice, as Core Brewery Co. will answer that demand. The Springdale operation plans to expand to Argenta, and will set up shop where the Starving Artist Café used to be, on 411 Main St. in North Little Rock.
Jesse Core, the founder of the brewery, hopes to be operational by the first of 2016, although this depends largely on everything running smoothly in readying the space.
The decision to move into Little Rock was one that took some research and time. He said, “We looked at different locations, but we really loved the area, it’s a great spot with a lot going on.”
Including the original hub in Springdale, Core currently has six locations scattered across the Northern part of the state. After the original brewery opened, each subsequent location was modeled after Public Houses found in the UK. Core, who spent time brewing in England, brought the style to Arkansas when he first opened in 2010.
“There will just be Core tap heads in the Argenta location. We’re looking to get more people familiar with the brand,” he explained.
Core has had their brews floating around the Central market in cans for a bit now – from their ESB, a classic take on the English ale, to their Oatmeal Stout, which is a slightly sweet but balanced drink – among others.
Get your pint glasses ready, as this is a done-deal. “We are so excited to be coming to Little Rock,” said Core.

Author: Becca

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