Staff Picks: Best Breakfast Dishes in Little Rock

In Staff Picks, each of us tells of our favorite foods around town. We each get three top picks, so if a dish falls on this list, you know it’s got to be good. In no particular order, here are our Favorite Breakfast Dishes in Little Rock.
DSC_2079Becca Bona
1. Breakfast Burrito at B-side – These are a long-running special off-menu option. You get two, juicy sausage egg and cheese burritos aside a lovely spicy aioli. I love it.
2. Pancakes at The Root – I typically shy away from pancakes, but the Root’s version is consistently delicious, light and fluffy … although I have a hard time finishing them on my own.
3. The Baby at The Waffle Wagon – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t think anyone in Little Rock at large has perfected the chicken and waffle combo … except for the Waffle Wagon. I love to eat one of the mainstays – The Baby – two tenders atop ¼ of a waffle, as often as I can.
Dan_1Daniel Walker
1. Donuts from Shipley’s and Mark’s Do-Nuts — The thought of inhaling a hot, fresh donut enters my brain just about every morning. And while I don’t necessarily act on such impulses every day, when I do decide to partake in these guilty pleasures, I usually head to Shipley’s for a big, greasy apple fritter or Mark’s Donuts in North Little Rock for one of their fluffy glazed treats.
2. Biscuits and Gravy from The Root — When I want to sit down for breakfast, The Root still maintains the best breakfast menu in town. Their biscuits and gravy can stand up to any I’ve ever eaten in my life and are darn near perfect.
3. Moco Loco from The Southern Gourmasian — Justin Patterson’s Moco Loco from his food truck, The Southern Gourmasian, is an unconventional breakfast delight…with rice, shredded pork, runny egg, and spicy gravy. It’s a beautiful thing.

Ken_1Ken Dempsey
1. Glazed doughnuts from Mark’s Do-nuts. Truth be told I could eat those things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
2. My grandma’s biscuits and gravy. She’s no longer with us but she left this legacy with me.
3. Breakfast tacos….from anywhere….seriously….it doesn’t matter from where.

Greg_1Greg Henderson
1. Breakfast Tacos from Beast Food Truck — I am a big savory breakfast fan, and even more than that, I love hand-held breakfast items. Absolutely nothing beats Beast’s breakfast tacos. They are so unique and flavorful…bonus points if you can beg Gwen to cure some of her amazing bacon and throw it on the side.
2. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit from The Root — Breakfast sandwiches are my natural direction though, and none are better than the Root’s and Mylo’s sausage croissant. In both cases they blend fantastic bread with high quality, locally-sourced sausage.
3. Sausage Croissant from Mylo Coffee Co. — Flakey pastry filled with excellent sausage. How can you go wrong?


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