Staff Picks: Favorite Fish Dishes in Little Rock

In Staff Picks, each of us tells of our favorite foods around town. We each get three top picks, so if a dish falls on this list, you know it’s got to be good. In no particular order, here are our Favorite Fish Dishes in Little Rock.
Dan_1Daniel Walker
1. Fish Tacos at Local Lime
2. Catfish at South on Main
3. Thinfish at The Faded Rose
4. Smoked Salmon Dip at Maddie’s Place
Commentary: I just couldn’t get on board with catfish until the first time I tried Matt Bell’s version at South on Main. Now it’s hard for me NOT to order it off the dinner menu. There are always various iterations of this dish showing up on the revolving menu, but it’s always been a delight to eat.
Ken_1Ken Dempsey
1. Red Snapper, Shrimp & Grits at Natchez
2. Snapper Veracruz at Flying Fish
3. Sushi at Kemuri
4. Fried Catfish at Sharky’s Fish & Chicken (Sherwood)
Commentary: I seriously can’t stop thinking about sushi lately. We go to the sushi bar and tell Chef Haidar to make something up and it’s always phenomenal. Ask him to make you the “Houston” roll (maybe he remembers what he put in it!)
Kevin_2Kevin Shalin
1. Whipped Smoked Trout and Fried Biscuits at Capital Bar and Grill
2. Black Cod Samfaina at The Terrace
3. Stock Pot at The Pantry
4. Bouillabaisse at Boulevard Bistro
Commentary: CBG’s new Whipped Smoked Trout just hit the new menu and could definitely become one of the most desired appetizers in town. The Black Cod Samfaina, much like The Terrace itself, is an underrated dish. The cod is awesome, and so too is the thick eggplant sauce that accompanies it.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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