Staff Picks: The Best Sandwiches In Little Rock

In Staff Picks, each of us tells of our favorite foods around town. We each get three top picks, so if a dish falls on this list, you know it’s got to be good. In no particular order, here are our Favorite Sandwiches in Little Rock.
Ken Dempsey:
1. Cream Cheese and Olive from Cheer’s in the Heights
2. Italian Night Club from Jimmy John’s – This is actually really a good sandwich despite JJ’s being a chain…and they get bonus points for delivering.
3. Cuban from Arkansas Fresh Cafe – The bread at Arkansas Fresh is so fantastic that just about all sandwiches made with their products are amazing. I buy bags of the brioche buns from them to use at home.

Beef Cheeks from HAM
Beef Cheeks from HAM

Daniel Walker
1. Beef Cheeks from Hillcrest Artisan Meats – This may be (and I’m pretty sure it is) the very best sandwich in the whole city. A bold claim? Have you tasted this thing? One sample of this unctuous, uber flavorful meat and you’ll be a believer. Not on the menu all that often, so keep an eye out for it. They unofficially call it the “Get Here Early” … because those who know, go.
2. Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich from South on Main – I’ve had the “famous” version from the most popular place in Nashville…guess what? South on Main’s is better.
3. Porchetta from Boulevard Bread Co. – They layer on the slow-roasted pork and slather is with aioli. Pig and mayo. Doesn’t get much sexier than that.
Becca Bona:
1. Brick-Pressed Prosciutto from Hillcrest Artisan Meats – I love how this sandwich really lets the prosciutto do the talking – it’s one of my favorite flavors and I think the simple pairing with provolone here does it justice.
2. Cream Cheese and Olive from Cheers in the Heights – Alright, this is a bit of a tradition – my dad and I have gone to Cheers since high school and devoured these sammies. The combo is fun and it’s pretty darn tasty. Plus if you feel so inclined, it’s meat free.
3. Goat Cheese and Pepperonata from Boulevard Bread Co. – It’s really hard to pick just one sandwich from Boulevard, but I love the zesty peppers paired with the cooling goat cheese – it’s a great combo and also happens to be delicious.
Porchetta from Boulevard Bread Co.
Porchetta from Boulevard Bread Co.

Greg Henderson:
1. Club Mex from Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches – Really hard to go wrong with any sandwich from here so long as it is on pumpernickel. Very underrated sandwiches.
2. Muffuletta from The Faded Rose – Spicy and meaty…really a fantastic sandwich.
3. The Georgie from Hillcrest Artisan Meats – Bread, butter, and meat. I usually throw on the optional truffles, but the simplicity of this sandwich is perfect.

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