Staff Picks: Our Favorite Tacos in Little Rock

In Staff Picks, each of us tells of our favorite foods around town. We each get three top picks, so if a dish falls on this list, you know it’s got to be good. In no particular order, here are our Favorite Tacos in Little Rock. Reminder, this is not a list of the best in the city, just our three favorite individually.
Breakfast Tacos from Beast Food Truck – No these are not traditional tacos, but Gwen Jones knows her meat better than anyone else.
Tacos Arrieros from El Palenque – There is none better than El Palenque. These tacos may be the best in the state.
Suderos Tacos from Taqueria Jalisco San Juan – Hard to not mention a taco truck in best tacos. Admittedly, I have not hit up as many as I like, but I really love this place outside Colonial Wine & Spirits. Good quality tacos, and their sauce is fantastic.
Baja Grill
Baja Grill

Pork Taco with cilantro and onion from La Regional – I seriously LOVE this place. The pork in this particular taco has crispy edges and addicting flavor. Put some of their green salsa on it for insanity.
Campechanos Taco from Taqueria Guadalajara – This taco has chorizo and too much flavor not to order when there.
Cuban Taco from Baja Grill – So  yes, I do love pork. My wife wanted me to vote for her favorite here (blackened Mahi Mahi taco), but I vetoed her in favor of this pork-filled treat.
Pickle-Brined Fried Chicken Tacos - Heights Taco & Tamale Co.
Pickle-Brined Fried Chicken Tacos – Heights Taco & Tamale Co.

Pickle-Fried Chicken Tacos from Heights Taco & Tamale Co. – The brine of buttermilk, the fried chicken, the chow chow, the spicy ranch dressing … this is basically Arkansas in taco form. And it’s just as addictive and memorable the fifth time you order it as it was the first.
Carnitas Tacos from Local Lime – Yellow Rocket just does shredded pork right. Pickled onions and a spicy aioli bring the flavor, but these tacos are all about the pig.
Tacos Al Pastor from Taco Mexico – Haven’t heard of it before? Get to Colonel Glenn and Oak Park for these $1.25 authentic street tacos that beat all I’ve had from Little Rock’s very good taco trucks. Vibrant and succulent, they’re a wonderful glimpse into Mexico’s rich culinary culture.
Tacos Arrieros - El Palenque
Tacos Arrieros – El Palenque

Tacos Arrieros from El Palenque – I’m not sure why no one else is doing this around here. The “arrieros” is a combination of steak and chorizo with some pico and cheese. On a menu with so many wonderful dishes, this simple taco is still a stand-out.
Beer-Battered Fried Fish Taco from Local Lime – I’ve had every taco on the menu here, but the fish tacos never disappoint. Perfectly crispy every time. I’ve been know to devour them in a single bite.
Cabeza Taco from Mercado San Jose – This underrated Southwest Little Rock joint does some seriously flavorful food. Their cabeza taco compiles all the juicy, fatty, unctuous parts of a cow face and gently places them within a soft tortilla. It’s a work of art.
Taqueria Guadalajara
Taqueria Guadalajara

The Breakfast Tacos from Heights Taco & Tamale – I love breakfast and I love tacos, and I especially love that I can get a Breakfast Taco at HTT all day. Unfortunately, I can never just have one …
The Chorizo Tacos from El Palenque – Actually, all of the tacos at El Palenque should make this list, but since I have to pick one, I’ll stick to my favorite type of taco meat when done correctly – chorizo. These are the real deal, packed with flavor, and the culprit of my weekly taco cravings.

Tacos Al Pastor from the Taqueria Jalisco San Juan – You know, the food truck usually parked outside of Colonial Wine & Spirits. All of the tacos are pretty great for a quick bite, but I’m obsessed with the spice level in these – they’re definitely not for the faint of heart.

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