Status of Food Related Events During Coronavirus Outbreak

Spring is normally a busy season for large food-related events. Global efforts to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by limiting large gatherings, which many of the country’s largest events being canceled, are underway.
This has inevitably impacted many of the spring food events throughout the city. Some of the decisions have been made by event organizers, some are coming from the venues or parent organizations.
We have attempted to track down the status of the various food events for March and April. Many of these are canceled or rescheduled. We will continue to update the status of these events, as well as add May events if needed. Additionally, if you are an organizer or a part of a food-related event feel free to send us a message and let us know the status.

Downtown Art Walk and Birthday Night Brunch @The Corner – Scheduled Date March 13th | Status: Cancelled, no reschedule
Alpacapalooza – Scheduled Date March 14th | Status: Cancelled, no reschedule.
St Patrick’s Day Block Party and Parade  – Scheduled Date March 14th | Status: Cancelled. Dugan’s Pub will remain open for normal operations, however.
Food and Foam Fest – Scheduled Date April 3rd | Status: Postponed, the new date is June 19th
Taste of Little RockScheduled Date April 7th | Status: Postponed, date still TBD but likely in the fall.
B Street Rib Off – Scheduled Date April 18th | Status: Continuing as scheduled, will re-evaluate at the first of April.
Festival of Dankness – Scheduled Date April 20th | Status: Continuing as scheduled. 
Diamond Chef – Scheduled Date April 23rd | Status: Postponed until October 15th.
Wild Wines Scheduled Date April 24th – 25th | Status: Postponed, rescheduled for September 25th-26th.
Margarita Festival –  Scheduled Date April 30th | Status: Continuing as scheduled.

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